How To Upgrade Airtel 4G Offer To Get 30GB Free 4G Data (1GB/Day)

How To Upgrade Airtel 4G To Get 30GB Free Data

How To Upgrade Airtel 4G Offer, Airtel 4G Net Offers, Airtel Free 30GB Internet Data, Airtel Prepaid 4G Data – Airtel 4G Offer Get 30GB 4G Internet for free of cost. Airtel 4G Offer is valid for all 3G Airtel users who upgrade to Airtel 4G with 4G smart phones. After Idea 4G Upgrade Offer Airtel offering 30GB 4G data / 1GB Data per day. check how to convert 2G/3G SIM into 4G for all networks. 

Hi friends we hope you enjoying or Free Recharge Tricks. you will enjoy Airtel 4G data then get Airtel USSD Codes to check Airtel balance.

How To Upgrade Airtel 4G To Get 30GB Free 4G Data

1. First purchase new 4G Smart phone to run Airtel 4G SIM Card || Offer Source

2. Visit to check availability of Airtel 4G in your area

3. Make a call at 51111 with your old 2G/3G SIM card with new 4G Smart Phone

4. Now your offer request will get registered with Airtel

5. Free data offer will be activated for eligible customers within 24 hours

Benefit Of Upgrade Airtel SIM into Airtel 4G

1. When you upgrade to any 4G phone, you get Free 1GB 4G data every day for next 30 days. (For Prepaid Users)

2. Free 30 GB Data for first Bill Cycle. (For Postpaid Users) Also, unused data will be added back in the next bill cycle.

3. India’s Fastest Network. Airtel is rated as India’s fastest network by Ookla, third time in a row.

Terms & Conditions

1. The ‘4G Upgrade’ offer (“Offer”) is being provided by Bharti Airtel Limited (“Airtel”) to any existing pre-paid or post-paid customer when he/she upgrades their current handset from 2G/3G to a 4G handset.

2. Customer is eligible for offer benefit from Bharti Airtel upon meeting specified conditions :

a) Customer should be on Aoirtel network for >= 90 days

b) Customer should be on a 2G/3G handset for greater than 74 days out of the last 90 days

3. Checks in place to ensure the offer is not misused

a) Offer can be availed on a MSISDN only once in a lifetime

b) Offer can be availed on an IMEI only once is a 30 day period

c) Offer benefit can be availed in 4G TACs only. read more