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Today’s Quiz NameAmazon Quiz
Quiz Time00:01AM – 12PM
Quiz Date 22 September
Winners AnnouncedNext Day

Amazon Quiz 22nd September 2021 Answers

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Amazon Quiz 21st September 2021 Answers

Q.1 Who is set to act on ‘The King’, a film about King Kamehaneha who was the first ruler of the Kingdom of Hawaii?

Ans. Dwayne Johnson

Q.2 The Ministry for the Futyre is a novel set in the near future which describe the disastrous consequences of what?

Ans. Climate change

Q.3 She recorded the second fastest 100m by a woman in history by recording a toming of 10.54 at the Prefontaine classic. Name her

Ans. Elaine Thompson-Herah

Q.4 Which European country is famous for these flowers?

Ans. Netherlands

Q.5 This famous entrepreneur was associated with the growth of which of these entities in the mid-late 80s and early 90s?

Ans. Pixar

Amazon Quiz 20th September 2021 Answers

Q.1 Which popular lent her voice for the soundtrack for a promotional video for the US gymnastics team for Tokyo 2020?

Ans. Taylor Swift

Q.2 Who among these is most likely to use a ‘Coronograph’?

Ans. An Astronomer

Q.3 According to the 2021 book ‘Mystery of the Parsee Lawyer;, who is said to have solved the real life case of George Edalji?

Ans. Arthur Conan Doyle

Q.4 Identify the bark-like spice from this picture?

Ans. Cinnamon

Q.5 Which country’s flag is depicted here?

Ans. France

Amazon Quiz 19th September 2021 Answers

Q.1 66 Year Old Mary Hanna, The Oldest Competitit At Tokyo 2020, Competed In Which Sport?

Ans. Equestrian

Q.2 Who Is Playing The Role Of Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw In The Upcoming Biopic Titled “SamBahadur”?

Ans. Vicky Kaushal

Q.3 As Of 2021, Om Which Planet Is “Percy” Collecting Rock Samples Containing Possible Signs Of Bygone Microscopic Life?

Ans. Mars

Q.4 Complete The Tag Line For This Beverage From 2000 – “Coca Cola____”.

Ans. Enjoy

Q.5 Name The American Sitcom Produced By Andy Samberg About Detectives From This Law Enforcement Agency.

Ans. Brooklyn 99

Amazon Quiz 18th September 2021 Answers

Q.1 Who Defeated The World’s No.1 Ranked Men’s Player Novak Djokovic In The Semi-Finals Of The Tokyo 2020 Olympics?

Ans. Alexander Zverev

Q.2 What Is The GI Tagged Bhavani Jamakkalam, Manufactured In Erode District, Tamil Nadu?

Ans. Carpets

Q.3 Whitney Wolfe Herd Became A Billionaire After Her Dating App Raised Over $2.2 Billion In The Initial IPO. What Is The NAme Of Her App?

Ans. Bumble

Q.4 Which Character From The Animated Movie Series, “Ice Age” Is Obsessed With This Tree-Nut?

Ans. Scrat

Q.5 In Which City Is The Headquarters For This Luxury Fashion Brand Located?

Ans. Paris

Amazon Quiz 17th September 2021 Answers

Q.1 The 2021 Documentary “The Lost Leonardo’ Tells The Inside Story Behind Which Painting, The Most Expensive One Ever Sold At Public Auction?

Ans. Salvator Mundi

Q.2 Which Is India’s 1st Wheelchair Accessible Transport Service?

Ans. Ezy Mov

Q.3 In 2021, Who Became The Youngest Poet To Perform At A Presidential Inauguration In The USA?

Ans. Amanda Gorman

Q.4 The Company That Designed This Video Game Console, Was Originally Founded Under What Name?

Ans. Nintendo Karuta

Q.5 Identify The Yoga Pose.

Ans. Cobra Pose

Amazon Quiz 16th September 2021 Answers

Q.1 Which State Boasts India’s First Water Sports And Adventure Institute?

Ans. Uttarakhand

Q.2 In 2021, Unilever Removed Which Word From All Their Beauty And Personal Care Brand’s Packaging And Advertising?

Ans. Normal

Q.3 “Pitta Kathalu”, A Four Part Anthology Movie, Is Netflix’s First Original In Which Language?

Ans. Telugu

Q.4 Identify The Primary Ingredient Used In Making This Dip.

Ans. Avocado

Q.5 Name This Natural Display Phenomenon.

Ans. Aurora

Amazon Quiz 15th September 2021 Answers Win ₹25,000

Q.1 Using Data Collected Over The Last Three Decades, A Team Of Scientists From IIT Kharagpur Created India’s First Digital Map Of What?

Ans. Soils

Q.2 Which Country Was Supporting Shahtoot Dam Project Aimed At Providing Drinking Water To Kabul?

Ans. India

Q.3 Scooters India Ltd, That Recently Shut Down, Bought The Manufacturing Rights Of Which Italian Brand Of Scooter To India In The 70’s?

Ans. Lambretta

Q.4 Which City Is This Figure The Mascot Of?

Ans. Singapore

Q.5 Which Of The Following Sportsmen Has Been Part Of A Campaign By WWF To Save This Animal?

Ans. M S Dhoni

Amazon Quiz 14th September 2021 Answers Win ₹10,000

Q.1 In Which Sport Did Nethra Kumanan Represent India At The 2020 Olympics, The First Indian Woman To Do So?

Ans. Sailing

Q.2 Who Runs A Social Media Platform Aimed At Empowering Women?

Ans. Nita Ambani

Q.3 What Is Planned to Be Given Out Through ATMs in Various Indian States Under Centre’s Pilot Project “Annapurti” Scheme?

Ans. Rice

Q.4 Which Insect Does This Vehicle Share Its Name With?

Ans. Beetle

Q.5 Which Country Discovered Water In The Atmosphere Of This Natural Satellite Through The Device CHACE?

Ans. India

Amazon Quiz 13th September 2021 Answers Win ₹20,000

Q.1 Kangra Painting, Named After A Former Princely State Which Patronized The Art, Is Associated With Which Present Day State In India?

Ans. Himachal Pradesh

Q.2 Gianmarco Tamberi Of Italy And Mutaz Essa Barshim Of Qatar Ended Up Sharing Olympic Gold In Which Men’s Track And Field Event?

Ans. High Jump

Q.3 Which Spyware, Developed By The Israeli Firm NSO, Has Been Used By Governments Around the World?

Ans. Pegasus

Q.4 The Name Of This Object Comes From A Greek Word Meaning What?

Ans. Long-Haired

Q.5 He Was Nominated For Which Prize Five Times But Never Got It?

Ans. Nobel Prize

Amazon Quiz 12th September 2021 Answers Win ₹15,000

Q.1 Which Is India’s First Numberless Card For Teenagers?

Ans. FamPay

Q.2 13-Year-Old Momiji Nishiya, Japan’s Youngest Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Plays Which Sport?

Ans. Skateboarding

Q.3 Which Woman Became The First Black Female Athlete To Appear On The Cover Of The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition?

Ans. Naomi Osaka

Q.4 Identify The World’s Largest Tree-Dwelling Mammal.

Ans. Orang-Utan

Q.5 These Kind Of Blocks Are Used In What Form Of Art?

Ans. Batik

Amazon Quiz 11th September 2021 Answers Win ₹5,000

Q.1 Mirabai Chanu Won India’s First Medal At The Tokyo Olympics In Which Sport?

Ans. Weightlifting

Q.2 Which Veteran Athlete Was Known As “Miracle Mom” From Chandigarh?

Ans. Mann Kaur

Q.3 At Age 82, Which Mercury 13 Astronaut Candidate Became The Oldest Person To Fly Into Space Aboard Jeff Bezos” Blue Origin Rocket?

Ans. Wally Funk

Q.4 Identify This Animal Whose Name Is Derived From The Sanskrit Word Meaning “Spotted One”?

Ans. Cheetah

Q.5 Who Discovered The Four Largest Moons Of This Planet?

Ans. Galileo Galilei

Amazon Quiz 10th September 2021 Answers Win ₹50,000

Q.1 Ramappa Temple, Which Became The 39th Site In India To Earn The ‘World Heritage’ Tag From UNESCO, Is Located In Which State?

Ans. Telangana

Q.2 Which Country Added A New Module Called ‘Nauka’ To The International Space Station In 2021?

Ans. Russia

Q.3 12-Year-Old Hend Zaza Was The Youngest Olympic Athlete To Compete In Tokyo, In Which Sport?

Ans. Table Tennis

Q.4 If You Were On This Planet, From Which Direction Would You See The Sun Rising?

Ans. West

Q.5 He Wast The Last Non-Indian To Receive Which Prize?

Ans. Bharat Ratna

Amazon Quiz 9th September 2021 Answers Win ₹30,000

Q.1 North Eastern Space Applications Centre Is Located In Which Indian State?

Ans. Meghalaya

Q.2 A Court In Ecuador Rules In Favour Of Revoking The Citizenship Of Which Current Prisoner In The UK?

Ans. Julian Assange

Q.3 In July 2021, Which Country’s Currency Lost More Than 90 Percent Of Its Value As Gas, Electricity, Food, And Medicine Are In Short Supply?

Ans. Lebanon

Q.4 Which Celestial Body Is This Flower Named After?

Ans. Sun

Q.5 Identify This Vehicle.

Ans. Hot Air Balloons

Amazon Quiz 7th September 2021 Answers Win ₹25,000

Q.1 Which Of The Following Comprises Six Member Countries, Namely India, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos And Vietnam?

Ans. Mekong – Ganga Cooperation

Q.2 Which Sport, Absent In The 2012 And 2016 Olympic Games, Returned In 2021 At The Insistence Of Japan?

Ans. Baseball

Q.3 The Yale School Of Drama Eliminated Tution Fees For All Current And Future Students After Receiving $150 Million Donation From Whom?

Ans. David Geffen

Q.4 This Famous Cathedral Is Located In Which Country?

Ans. France

Q.5 How Many Grands Avenues Emerge From This Building, Forming A Star?

Ans. 12

Amazon Quiz 6th September 2021 Answers Win ₹10,000

Q.1 Gandikota Is A Village And Historical Fort On The Bank Of The Penna River In Which State?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

Q.2 Which Of These Names Is A Fusion Of The Japanese Words Meaning “Future” And “Eternity”?

Ans. Miraitowa

Q.3 Which Sci-Fi TV Series Was Nominated For 24 Emmy Awards In 2021?

Ans. The Mandalorian

Q.4 These Are The Flags Of Which Country?

Ans. Indonesia

Q.5 What Mythical Creature Is Depicted On This Cup Of Branded Coffee?

Ans. Siren

Amazon Quiz 5th September 2021 Answers Win ₹20,000

Q.1 Bol Bam Or Kaudia Yatra, Which Was Cancelled This Year, Usually Takes Place In Which State Of India?

Ans. Odisha

Q.2 The Government Of India Recently Announced The Setting Up Of Which Of The Following Institutes In Noida?

Ans. Indian Institute Of Heritage

Q.3 Which Neighbouring Country Is The Only Country To Both Issue And Accept RuPay Cards As Well As Accept BHIM UPI?

Ans. Bhutan

Q.4 Almost Identical Such Phenomenon Occurs Every 18 Years And 11 Months. What Is This Cycle Called?

Ans. Saros Cycle

Q.5 What Is The Collective Noun For This Animal?

Ans. Zeal

Amazon Quiz 4th September 2021 Answers Win ₹15,000

Q.1 In 2021, Which Country Became The First Gulf Nation To Open An Embassy In Israel?

Ans. UAE

Q.2 Pedro Castillo Has Been Elected As The New President Of Which South American Country In 2021?

Ans. Peru

Q.3 Soberana 02 Or Soberana 2 Is A COVID_19 Vaccine Produced By The Finally Institute In Which Country?

Ans. Cuba

Q.4 What Is This Phase Of The Moon Called?

Ans. Waning Crescent

Q.5 The Shape Of This Creature Is Commonly Associated With Which Character From Greek Mythology?

Ans. Medusa

Amazon Quiz 3rd September 2021 Answers Win ₹5,000

Q.1 In 2021, Bashar Al-Assad Was Sworn In As The President Of Which Country For The Fourth Time?

Ans. Syria

Q.2 For The First Time, Astronomers Have Uncovered Evidence Of Water Vapor In The Atmosphere Of Ganymede, One Of The Moons Of Which Planet?

Ans. Jupiter

Q.3 Delhi University Recently Introduced ‘Bangabandhu Chair’ To Foster Better Understanding Of Developments In Which Country?

Ans. Bangladesh

Q.4 What Is The Order Of These Insects Known As?

Ans. Lepidoptera

Q.5 How Many Floors Does This Iconic Skyscraper In The US Have?

Ans. 102

Amazon Quiz 2nd September 2021 Answers Win ₹50,000

Q.1 Which Country’s New Stealth Jet Has Been Dubbed “Checkmate:?

Ans. Russia

Q.2 Amrabad Tiger Reserve, India’s Second-Largest Tiger Reserve, Is Located In Which State?

Ans. Telangana

Q.3 In July 2021, Sher Bahadur Debud Was Sworn In As The Prime Minister Of Which Asian Country?

Ans. Nepal

Q.4 Which Of These Animals Were Not The First Passengers Of This Ride?

Ans. Dog

Q.5 Which Asian Country That Is Home To The Tallest Indoor Waterfall Is Shown Here?

Ans. Singapore

Amazon Quiz 1st September 2021 Answers Win ₹30,000

Q.1 Karman Line Is The Internationally Recognized Boundary Of What?

Ans. Space

Q.2 North Eastern Institute Of Folk Medicine Is Located In Which Indian State?

Ans. Arunachal Pradesh

Q.3 Linglong One Is World’s First Commercial What, Being Built In China?

Ans. Small Modular Nuclear Reactor

Q.4 Who Is The Only Indian Woman To Win Medals In Two Consecutive Editions Of The Olympic Games?

Ans. PV Sindhu

Q.5 Name The Pigment That Gives Hair This Color.

Ans. Phenomelanin

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