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Flipkart Guess What Answers

Are you looking for Flipkart Guess What Answers Today September to win Redmi 8 Smartphone ? The you are right place. RechargeValley update Guess What Answers for all readers.

Flipkart Guess What Answers

Guess What?

This engaging game will show you jumbled alphabets that describe a given picture. Arrange these alphabets in the right order (and as quick as you can) to define what the picture represents. The game starts easy, but will keep you racking your brains at later stages. Winners are declared within 24 hours in ‘Your recently played games’ section.

Game Time

You need to keep a watch on the Flipkart app for this. Twice a day, 10 questions will be posed. Whoever answers them in the least time will find themeselves a place in the leaderboard. Winning names will be declared right after the game and can also be viewd under the ‘your recently played games’ section.

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Flipkart Guess What Answers Today 10 Oct

Q.1 Which product am i taking about?
Ans. Cycle

Q.2 What will be the combined price or these products in the big billion day sale?
Ans. Rs.10000 or more

Q.3 What will be the price of this product in the Bil Billion Days sale?
Ans. Rs.999

Flipkart Guess What Answers Today 7 Oct

1. Barjatya

2. Govind

3. Bhoot

4. Mohan

5. Bolt

6. Munn

7. Bellatrix

8. Kelly

9. Leonidas


Flipkart Guess What Answers Today 2 Oct

1. Gandhiji

2. March

3. Mirabehn

4. Naidu

5. Banknote

6. Tagore

7. Spinning

8. Nehru

9. Mahatab

10. Tushar

Flipkart Guess What Answers Today 30th Sep

1. Planting

2. Tandoor

3. Gangaur

4. Folder

5. Savitri

6. Arundhati

7. Kanjira

8. Khadau

9. Movie Hall

10. Avika

Flipkart Guess What Answers Today 28th Sep

1. Patel

2. Brown Rice

3. Arvind

4. Arvind

5. JCB

6. Gujiya

7. Auroville

8. Puka Tray

9. Marten

10. Ujjayanta

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How To Play Game

  1. First Download Flipkart App in your android mobile
  2. Install & Open App
  3. Login / create new account using mobile number
  4. Verify mobile number using OTP
  5. Click on “Flipkart Quiz” banner
  6. Guess the image and complete the right name via words
  7. Give all 10 correct answers of images
  8. That’s it you will win Free Prizes if you select in lucky draw

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