Amazon Quiz 14 January 2021 Answers Win Echo Dot

Amazon Quiz 14 Jan 2021, Amazon Quiz 14 January 2021 Answers is live now :- Submit correct Answers and win Echo Dot.

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Amazon Quiz Details

Quiz NameAmazon Quiz
Today’s Quiz PrizeEcho Dot
Quiz Time8AM-12PM
Quiz Date14 January
Winners Announced31 January

Amazon Quiz 14 January Answers Win – Echo Dot

Q.1 Recently approved by the cabinet, PM-WANI scheme intends to provide the Indian public with access to what?
Ans. Wi-Fi 

Q.2 UNESCO-Bangabandhu award to reconginse sustainable job creation is named after the former PM of which country?
Ans. Bangladesh

Q.3 ANkita Ravinderkrishan Raina is the current Indian No.1 in women’s singles in which sport?
Ans. Tennis

Q.4 The eggs shown here were cooked in what way?
Ans.  Poached

Q.5 Name this traditional Japanese martial art that uses bamboo swords?
Ans. Kendo

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1) First Download  Amazon App | Install & Open App in your Android Mobile

2) Login / Sign-Up – Enter Quiz Time in Search Box. You will see Today’s Quiz banner

3) Make click on Amazon Quiz banner to participate in quiz contest

7) Give correct answers of all 5 questions to enter in lucky draw