Airtel VoLTE Beta Launched Get 30GB Airtel Free 4G Data

Airtel VoLTE Beta Launched, Airtel Free 30GB 4G Data, Airtel Free Internet Trick

Airtel VoLTE Beta version has successfully launched, Airtel users can enjoy 4G VoLTE speed, Users who switch to Airtel VoLTE network will get 30GB Free 4G Data. 10GB Data on Download latest OS and enable VoLTE switch. Another 10GB on Providing feedback (end of 4th week). and 10GB on Providing feedback (end of 8th week).

Benefits Of Airtel VoLTE Beta – Airtel Free 4G Data

  • HD Voice Calls – Crystal clear conversations as if you are right next to each other
  • Instant Call Connect – Now connect 3 times faster than normal calls
  • Efficient Multi-tasking – Do more in the same time! Now make calls without disturbing your 4G internet sessions
How To Use VoLTE Beta Version And Get 30GB Free Airtel 4G Data

1. First pick VoLTE Enabled Handset

2. Insert Airtel 4G SIM

3. Upgrade OS Software

4. Enable VoLTE Switch to get 30GB Free 4G Data