Airtel 4G Plans : Free 30GB 4G Data For 90 Days

Airtel 4G Plans, Airtel 4G Prepaid Plans For Mobile– Airtel is back with very low cost 4G data plans. Get 30GB 4G/3G internet data at just Rs.1495 with 90 days validity. After launching Reliance Jio services millions users join Reliance Jio & also port their old network number in Jio.Airtel 4G plansRecently Airtel decided that they can’t accept that their users leave them. So Airtel come back with Airtel 4G Plans and Offer. where every Airtel users will get 30GB 4G/3G data for 90 days at Rs.1495 only. users will get 1GB data for less than Rs.50 only in this Airtel data plan. To avail this Airtel offer follow below steps and get offer hurry.

Note – In current this Airtel Loot 4G Data Plan @Rs.1495 for 30GB Data with 90 Days Validity live in Delhi only. And soon it will be live for all 4G supported cities & states.

Compare Reliance Jio Rs.1499, Idea Rs.1498 & Airtel Rs.1495 4G Data Plan

  • Reliance Jio is offering 20GB 4G data at Rs.1499 for 28 days with unlimited voice calling & unlimited night 4G data (2Am-5Am). And Idea is offering 6GB 4G data at Rs.1498 for 12 Months, after data over get 4GB data @Rs.54 only. While Airtel is offering 30GB 4G/3G internet data At Rs.1495 for 90 days + 2G speed after data over. After this offer expired users can get 20GB data at Rs.1499 for 28 days.


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Airtel 4G Plan Recharge Details (Price & Benefits)

  • Customer need to make recharge for Rs.1495
  • Benefit – Instantly get 30GB 4G/3G data for 90 days for 4G handset only. Also claim you free internet data for 90 days at My Airtel App with 64Kbps Speed. data sharing & cash back does not applicable
  • Validity – 90 Days

Airtel 4G Plans And Offers, Airtel Internet data Plans Specifications In Details

After launching Reliance Jio millions peoples go towards Reliance jio and leave their old network companies. So Specially Airtel decided to reduce their data plan prices. and finally they offered 30GB 4G/3G internet data for 90 days at Rs.1495. we calculate that every 1 GB data cost will below Rs.50 in this Airtel 4G Data Plan. at Other hand you can get 20GB data for 28 days at Rs.1499 after expire of 30GB data plan. there you have to pay Rs.75/1GB data.

How To Get Airtel 4G/3G 30GB Data For Rs.1495 only For 90 Days

1. First Visit Airtel Website or Download My Airtel App Here

2. Enter your Airtel mobile number & amount

3. Proceed to next page select any suitable payment method and make payment

4. That’s it your Airtel 4G data recharge will successful and you get instant 30GB 4G/3G data with 90 days validity.

5. Enjoy your 30GB data for 90 days, after 90 days make recharge with Rs.1499 to get 20GB data for 28 days.

Airte 4G Plans And Offer, Airtel 30GB 4G Data, Airtel 4G Plan List, Airtel Unlimited 4G 30GB Data, Airtel Internet Offers 4G Plans

  • At Rs.11 45MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 1 Days)
  • At Rs.17 65MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 2 Days)
  • At Rs.24 100MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 2 Days)
  • At Rs.27 70MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 30 Days)
  • At Rs.29 125MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 3 Days)
  • At Rs.44 110MB 3G/4G data (Validity -28 Days)
  • At Rs.49 200MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 5 Days)
  • At Rs.51 1GB 3G/4G Night data (Validity – 7 Days)
  • At Rs.67 270MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 7 Days)
  • At Rs.91 275MB 3G/4G data (Validity -7 Days)
  • At Rs.99 400MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 11 Days)
  • At Rs.101 1Gb 3G/4G data (Validity – 2 Days)
  • At Rs.146 550MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 15 Days)
  • At Rs.148 500MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.149 600MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 16 Days)
  • At Rs.169 500MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 10 Days)
  • At Rs.186 400MB day + 400MB night 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.189 550MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 14 Days)
  • At Rs.198 800MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 21 Days)
  • At Rs.209 625MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 14 Days)
  • At Rs.219 650MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 14 Days)
  • At Rs.245 850MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 21 Days)
  • At Rs.255 800MB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.296 1GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)

Airtel Internet Plans For 3G/4G Internet Data 

  • At Rs.298 1.25GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 21 Days)
  • At Rs.299 1.3GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 21 Days)
  • At Rs.329 1.4GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 21 Days)
  • At Rs.346 346-1GB 3G/4G + 2GB night data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.349 1.4GB – 10GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.398 1.75GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.496 1GB + 5GB night 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.555 2.5GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.559 4GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.575 2GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 60 Days)
  • At Rs.599 4.5GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.659 5GB 3G/4G + 5GB -7GB@80Kbps speed data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.699 5.5GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.748 3GB 3G/4G data instant + for 6 Months get 2.5GB data@Rs.99 (Validity – 28 Days) Main validity 6 Months
  • At Rs.799 6.5GB 3G/4G + 6.5GB-8.5GB@80Kbps speed data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.899 7.5GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.956 4GB 3G/4G + 4GB night data (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.999 10GB 3G/4G data (Validity – 28 Days)

Airtel 4G Plans Special With Airtel Loot Internet Offers

  • At Rs.1498 6GB 3G/4G data instant (Validity – 28 Days) now for 1 year get 1GB 3G/4G data @ Rs.51 & 2GB 3G/4G data @Rs.99, 5GB 3G/4G data @Rs259 (Validity – 12 Months)
  • At Rs.1499 15GB 3G/4G data to 17GB data @ 80Kbps, post 17GB@10Kbps
  • At Rs.1749 5GG 3G/4G, thereafter@25p/MB, Unlimited Local calls (Mobile+Fixedline) 100 SMS/Day (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.1999 20GB 3G/4G, 20 to 22 GB@80Kbps, post 22GB1@10Kbps (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs. 2249 7Gb 3G/4G, thereafter@25p/MB , Unlimited Local+STD+Roaming (Mobile+FixedLine), 100 SMS/Day (Validity – 20 Days)
  • At Rs.3249 15GB 3G/4G, thereafter@25p/MB , Unlimited Local+STD+Roaming (Mobile+FixedLine), 100 SMS/Day, unlimited Songs on Wynk Music & (Eros/hooq)Movies/month on Wynk Movies (Validity – 28 Days)
  • At Rs.3346 20Gb 3G/4G day + 20Gb night (12AM – 6AM) (Validity – 28 Days)

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