True Balance Promo Code February 2018 100% Cashback On All Mobile Recharges

True Balance Promo Code 100% Cashback On recharge : – Friends we are come today with True Balance Promo Code for February 2018. True balance is no.1 free recharge giving apps. This app give upto Rs.10,000 on referring friends, This app also give Rs.30 Free Recharge on just Sign-Up on it.true balance promo code

Users can earn unlimited free recharge and easily make recharge of own or different mobile numbers of any operator. This True Balance App also give 80 Paisa to 2 Rupee per day on just opening your lucky box.

There are All True Balance Promo Code & Coupons are available to get 100% cashback on recharge. Its so amazing at one side True balance app offering upto Rs.10,000 free recharge and on  other hand offering 100% cashback when you make recharge using True balance App.

True Balance Promo Code & Coupons February 2018 For 100% Cashback On Recharge

JUST4U :- Get Rs.2 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.20 or above recharge (1 Time)

399REC16 :- Get Rs.16 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.399 or above recharge (1 Time)

350REC14 :- Get Rs.14 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.350 or above recharge (1 Time)

300REC12 :- Get Rs.12 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.300 or above recharge (1 Time)

200REC8 :- Get Rs.8 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.200 or above recharge (1 Time)

150REC5 :- Get Rs.5 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.150 or above recharge (1 Time)

99REC3 :- Get Rs.3 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.99 or above recharge (1 Time)

January 2018

399JAN15 :- Get Rs.15 Cashback + 1% Extra cashback on Rs.399 or above recharge (1 Time)

299JAN12 :- Get Rs.12 cashback + 1% extra on Rs.299 or above recharge (1 Time)

199JAN8 :- Get Rs.8 cashback + 1% extra on Rs.199 or above recharge (1 Time)

149JAN6 :- Get Rs.6 cashback + 1% extra on Rs.149 or above recharge (1 Time)

99JAN3 :- Get Rs.3 cashback + 1% extra on Rs.99 or above recharge (1 Time)


Airtel349P :- Get Rs.25 cashback + 1% extra on Airtel Rs.349 recharge (1 Time)

300TB25 :- Get Rs.25 Cashback + 1% extra on Rs.300 or above recharge (1 times)

200TB15 :- Get Rs.15 Cashback + 1% extra on Rs.200 or above recharge (1 times)

100TB10 :- Get Rs.10 Cashback +1% on Rs.100 or above recharge (1 times)

50TB5:- Get Rs.5 Cashback + 1% extra on Rs.50 or above recharge (1 times)

30TB2:- Get Rs.2 Cashback + 1% extra on Rs.30 or above recharge (1 times)


JIO999P :- Get Rs.100 Cashback on Jio Rs.999 Recharge (Valid for 2 times per user)

JIO399P :- Get Rs.50 Cashback on Jio Rs.399 Recharge (Valid for 3 times per user)

JIO149P :- Get Rs.19 Cashback on Jio Rs.149 Recharge (Valid for 3 times per ujser)

JIO309P :- Get Rs.39 Cashback on Jio Rs.309 Recharge.

JIO509P :- Get Rs.59 Cashback on Jio Rs.509 Recharge.

JIO408NP :- Get Rs.48 Cashback on Jio Rs.408 Recharge.

Jio608NP :-Get Rs.68 Cashback on Jio Rs.609 Recharge.

JIO10FLAT :- Get 10% Cashback on JIO Recharge (One time per user)

200TRUE20 :- Pay Rs.200 or more and get Rs.20 Cashback (1 Time per user)

150TRUE15 :- Pay Rs.150 or more and get Rs.15 Cashback (One time per user)

TRUE10JU :- 10% Cashback on Prepaid Recharge of Rs.10 or more (2 time per users)

TRUE50JU :- Get 20% Cashback on minimum Rs.50 recharge (2 times per user)

TRUEBAL :- 5% Cashback on Mobile Recharge (2 times per user)

EASY100 :- 100% Cashback maximum Rs.10 on Mobile recharge (Once Per User)

UNLIMITED :- Rs.1 Cashback on Minimum Rs.10 Recharge (Unlimited Times)

How To Use True Balance App For Mobile Recharge

In Our previous post we already wrote about how to earn unlimited Free Recharge from True Balance App and now after launching their Promo Codes. We will learn how to use True Balance Promo Code to get cashback on recharges.

STEP 1 :- Download & Signup On True Balance App – Click To Know About It
STEP 2 :- How To Make Recharge From True Balance App Without Using  Prom o Code
  1. Open your True Balance App in mobileTrue Balance Promo Code
  2. Click on “Recharge”, Click on “Other Mobile Number”True Balance Promo Code
  3. Enter mobile number, Operator & circle will select automatically.True Balance Promo Code
  4. Click on “Recharge”
  5. On next page enter recharge amount or select from recharge plans
  6. Finally make payment using your true balance app wallet amount.
STEP 3 :- How To Use True Balance Promo Code To Get 100% Cashback On Recharge
  1.  Open True Balance App in your mobile phoneTrue Balance Promo Code
  2. At home page of App you will see an “Cashback Offers” banner
  3. Click on it and you will see more True Balance Promo CodeTrue Balance Promo Code
  4. Select Any One Promo Code, Click on “Copy & Recharge”
  5. It will forward you to another page, where select “Other Mobile Number”
  6. Enter mobile number. Operator & Circle will select automatically
  7. Click on “Recharge” , enter recharge amount or select recharge plan from plans list
  8. Now finally make payment using Debit/Credit card or Net-Banking
STEP 4 :- How To Make Payment Using Debit/credit card
  1. Open True Balance App, Recharge for any number
  2. On Payment page select Debit/credit card as payment method
  3. Enter Credit/Debit card 16 digits number, CVV Code & Card Expiry date
  4. You will get OTP at your bank account registered mobile number
  5. Enter OTP and make payment transaction complete.

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