Who painted the Mona Lisa? Amazon Quiz

Who painted the Mona Lisa? Amazon Quiz

Answers is Leonardo Da Vinci

Daily coins quiz have new question? Who painted the Mona Lisa. The answer is Leonardo da Vinci painted the Mona Lisa

Q.1 Who painted the Mona Lisa?

  • A. Vincent Van Gogh
  • B. Raja Ravi Varma
  • C. M. F. Husain
  • D. Leonardo da Vinci

Ans. (D) Leonardo da Vinci

Q.2 What is the chemical symbol for gold?

  • A. HCL
  • B. AU
  • C. NaCl
  • D. NaOH

Ans. (B) AU

Q.3 What is the largest ocean on Earth?

  • A. Pacific Ocean
  • B. Atlantic Ocean
  • C. Indian Ocean
  • D. Arctic Ocean

Ans. (A) Pacific Ocean

Q.4 What is the largest planet in our solar system?

  • A. Jupiter
  • B. Venus
  • C. Mars
  • D. Neptune

Ans. (A) Jupiter

Q.5 This waterfall is located in which country?

  • A. India
  • B. Japan

Ans. (B) Japan

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