Reliance Jio Terms And Conditions That Any One Not Know

Reliance Jio Terms And Conditions – Reliance Jio is offering unlimited free 4G internet + Voice calling + SMS till 31st December 2016. Wow every one is happy to listen that but do you know really reliance Jio giving these service for free. If i Say they will not give these service free. then what happen every one shocked. There are hidden Reliance Jio terms and conditions which they don’t want to show with all.

Jio announced free service but there are some terms & conditions to use them. these all services are not free. see below all secret terms & conditions of Reliance Jio.

Reliance Jio Terms And Conditions Users Don’t Know About Them

Q. 1 Is Reliance Jio offering unlimited 4G internet data really ?

Ans. No Reliance Jio is not offering unlimited 4G data. they just give 4GB data every day. and after over 4GB internet speed will be 128Kbps (like 2G)

Q.2 Is Reliance Jio Offering Unlimited Voice Calling All Over India ?

Ans. No Reliance jio is not offering free Voice/Video calls. If you have 4G smart phone but your phone not support VoLTE features then you can’t call. Reliance launched JioJoin App for free calling but this app need Internet data. without internet you can’t call. The big thing call never connect in 1st time you have to try 4-5 time to connect call.

Q.3 Is Reliance Jio Offering 25% discount to students its truth ?

Ans. Yes we know Reliance Announced to give 25% discount for all student. But how Reliance will know who is student and who not.

Q.4 May We Use Reliance Jio Sim Into All Smart Phones ?

Ans. No you can not use Reliance Jio sim into your 3G / 2G smart phones. to use Jio sim users need to buy New 4G Smart phones.

Q.5 Is Reliance Giving 1GB Data At Rs.50 Only ?

Ans. Yes Reliance Offering 1GB data at Rs.50 but this offer is applicable for selected users not working for all Jio users.

These are some hidden Reliance Jio Terms and Conditions which apply for all Reliance Jio users.

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