How To Get Andy Character Free In Pubg Mobile Game

Free PUBG Andy Character

PUBG Andy Character Free, Andy Character Redeem Codes :- Hello Friends ! I hope you will like to read PUBG Redeem Codes & PUB Free UC Tricks. Today I am back again with new article for you.

Hello Friends. There are good news for you. PUBG Launched new character. Its name is Andy. Are you know about Andy? What is this character? I will tell you about Andy Character.

Andy is male charter. It launched by PUBG to its players. We will know more about his in this article.Do you want to unlock Andy Character in your game? If yes then i have some tricks to unlock it. In this article I will share method  step by step.

If you know that, we need character vouchers to unlock new Character ANDY.

Who Is Andy?

Andy is male character. His voice was very nice. Buy in an accident he has lost him voice. Andy is a puppet master. His gun putting speed in 16% more.

Andy come with special ability. He is very fast in drawing and holstering guns. After lost voice he has become master in gun skills. Now he is ready to gift his enemies in Betel Ground.

Is PUBG Andy Character Free?

No. Andy character cost is 1200UC . But you can get it for free, If you have character voucher.

What Is Character Voucher And How To Get?

Character voucher can we exchange in rewards to collect Character. We can exchange them into rewards. Using rewards we can purchase PUBG characters.

I have 1 method to collect 60 UC Character Voucher

How To Get Free 60UC Voucher

  1. First open PUBG mobile game and login in it.
  2. Click on Andy Puppet Show even section.
  3. Now watch full video about Andy Pupeet.
  4. After it tap on collect button to get 60 UC vouchers

How To Get Andy Character Free

You can Buy Andy Character using UC. Andy Character cost is 1200UC. Here I share a method to unlock Andy for free.
Users can collect Character Voucher by take part in various events or spend UC cash every day.

Method :-

1. First open PUBG game and login
2. Now go to event section, Participate in events and collect Character Voucher
3. Tap on Reward Button and collect Free Character Vouchers
4. Now Exchange your character voucher to unlock new character in PUBG.


Is PUBG Andy Character Free?
No. Andy character cost is 1200UC . But you can get it for free, If you have character voucher.

Conclusion :- Friends  I have shared everything about Andy Character. I hope you this trick will work for you. Using this trick you will unlock Andy.

If you have any question related to PUBG, feel free to ask me in comment.

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