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Jio Quiz Answers

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Jio quiz answers

Jio Quiz Answers Today January 2022

Jio Trivia Quiz 15 January 2022 Answers

Q.1 The milk, cheese and yogurt group are important for?

Ans. All of the above

Q.2 The bread, cereal, rice and pasta group is a good source of which nutrient?

Ans. Carbohydrate

Q.3 Citrus fruits are an excellent source of which vitamin?

Ans. Vitamic C

Q.4 Foods from the meat, popultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts group are an important source of which nutrient?

Ans. Protein

Q.5 Which food contains the most fat?

Ans. Bacon

Q.6 Which of the following is a whole grain?

Ans. Oatmeal

Q.7 Which of these is a solid fat?

Ans. All of the above

Q.8 Which of these is NOT a form of carbohydrates?

Ans. Protein

Q.9 Which diet do you believe is most effective in combating weight gain?

Ans. Ketogenic Diet

Jio FunZone Quiz Answers July 2020

Q.1 Do you think which sports is given enough importance in our country it terms of polices and infrastructure
Answer : YES

Q.2 Who Among the following is your favorite Indian Cricketer?
Answer : Virat Kohli

Q.3 Which Indian Wicket keeper is the best according to you?
Answer : MS Dhoni

Q.4 Match the following players with their respective sport?
Answer : A-4, B-2, C-1, D-3

Q.5 Which format of Cricket do you love watching?
Answer : 20-20 Overs

Q.6 The US Open World Tour 300 series Badminton was not suspended by the Badminton World Federation this year.
Answer : FALSE

Q.7 The Southern California Basketball Academy by Kobe Bryant that was recently rebranded in called____.
Answer : Mamba

Q.8 Which of the following players is going to play in the exhibition tennis match in Berlin in July 2020?
Answer : Nick Kyrgios

Q.9 Match The Following IPL Players with their teams?
Answer : A-3, B-4, C-1, D-2

Q.10 Chritina Mattews is the chief of Western Australia Cricket Association (WACA)?
Answer : TRUE

Q.11 Which Basketball player, who died at the age of 64, was chosen as the inductee into the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame?
Answer : Eddie Sutton

Q.12 In which month of 2020 will the Indian open Badminton Tournament be held?
Answer : December

Jio IQL Quiz Today 16th May 2020

Questions May Different For Different Users

Ans.1 – 12

Ans.2 – Bhuoen Hazarika

Ans.3 – Sardar Patel Stadium

Ans. 4- Bakushahi

Ans.5 – 1971

Ans.6 – Ravish Kumar

Ans.7 – Duleep Trophy

Ans.8 – Operation Blue Star

Ans.9 – Rudyard Kipling

Ans.10 –Krishna


What is TATA Salt IQL Contest?
Tata Salt India Quissing League Contest is an online Quiz Contest wherein the participant has to answer 10 multiple-choice quiz question each day. The contest will be live from 1st May 2020 to 14th May 2020

How do I play Tata Salt IQL Contest?
Participants should download the latest version of MyJio App (available for android on Play Store / for iOS on App store for free).
Login on MyJio App
Click on JioEngage
Click on IQL Quiz banner
Tap on Play Quiz

I am not a Jio customer, can i still play Jio Tata Salt IQL Contest?
Yes, non-Jio customers can also participate in the contest so long as you are able to download MyJio app and register in MyJio App. Non-Jio customers will have to confirm their number by entering the OTP received on their mobiles before proceeding to play the Quiz.

Jio National Safety Week Quiz

Q.1 Avoid working with electricity in___ Condition.
Ans. Wet

Q.2 Which method is used for operating fire extinguisher?

Q.3 Water is a _____ conductor of electricity
Ans. Good

Q.4 Which symbol is used for vegetarian processed product_____?
Ans. Green

Q.5 During activation of fire alarm in a building, which one is the suitable way of response?
Ans. All of the above

Love Aaj Kal Quiz

Q.1 Where will you find love?
Ans. Anywhere, love knows no bounds

Q.2 If your love interest says no, what should you do?
Ans. Never give up

Q.3 Love was best in the….
Ans. When I’ll have time for it

Q.4 Love or career
Ans. Why not both?

Q.5 How do you and your lover talk?
Ans. On Whatsapp and Instagram

BOLLYWOOD Quiz 5th Feb

Question.1 Preity Zinta made her debut in this film.

Answer. Dil Se

Question.2 Who directed the Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan starrer ‘Simmba?

Answer. Rohit Shetty

Question.3 Name Dharmendra’s character in the film ‘Sholey’ (1975).

Answer. Veeru

Question.4 Who played the role of Vijay Khanna in the 1973 film ‘Zanjeer’?

Answer. Amitabh Bachchan

Question.5 Which of these actors was not one of Priyanka Chopra’s seven husband in ‘7 Khoon Maaf?

Answer. Saif Ali Khan

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