How To Recover Deleted Files/Data In Android Mobiles : Full Guide

How To Recover Deleted Files In Android Mobile, How To Restore Data In Android Mobile :- Hello friends we are back again with something new. we are back with a very useful Trick / Tips. Today every one use smartphone and save their memories in smartphone. These memories include Camera Images, Videos, Recording, SMS, Phonebook and many more.

I am too use an Smartphone and save my memories in my phone. But last month when by my own mistake i lost my all memory data of my smartphone. Then i search more & more to recover deleted files. i try more to know how to recover deleted files but nothing happen. Once we got an amazing Android Application which help to recover deleted files in android mobiles. This mobile app name is Dumpster App. its an amazing app which help me to restore my lost data from my android mobile.How To Recover Deleted Files

About Dumpster App :- Dumpster is the leading free android recycle bin, for users phone to accidentally deleting device files and images. Once the recovery app has been downloaded, Users can effortlessly undelete and restore device data.

Key Features Of Dumpster App

  • Effortlessly save deleted items to your device
  • Instantly retrieve important files, photos, images and videos
  • Restore accidentally deleted pictures
  • It’s free
  • Auto clean option available
  • Premium cloud storage option
  • Lock screen option to protect photos
  • Support for 14 languages.

How To Recover Deleted Files / Data Using Dumpster App

1. First Download Dumpster App Download Link

2. Install & Open Dumpster App in your android mobile

3. You will see an agreement page in front of you, click on Box, click on Agree

4. Now select the media file which deleted by you mistakenly and you want to restore that.

5. That’s it Dumpster app is ready to recover deleted files in your android mobile

Final Words :- We hope you like our this helpful article. using this article every one who use android smartphone can easily recover deleted files & data. In this article we talked about how to recover deleted files / data. If you like this article then must share with your friends and family members. Your love will motivate us to search and write amazing articles for you like this one.