How To Earn Money From YouTube 2019 Step By Step Full Guide

How To Earn Money From Youtube, Youtube Money Making Tips :- Hello friends today we will discus on a biggest topic How To Earn Money From Youtube. There are today every one want want to earn money online. Yes there are so many ways to earn money online.  But the biggest way is Youtube. Yes of-course its 100% truth every one who have some talent can easily earn money from Youtube. There are also may ways to earn money online like :- Blogging, Web Developing, App Developing, Content writing, Paid Blogging, Affiliated Marketing and many more. We hope you all are enjoying our Amazon Quiz Contest Today Answer and Free Recharge Tricks to earn money from youtube

Lets come see some basic knowledge of Youtube earning. As we saw when every one decide online work to as their primary earning sources they choose Blogging. Blogging is the best way to earn money online. We will talk about it in next article. Youtube is a best online earning way which may start without investment a single Rs.1,

Why We Do Not Select You Tube To Earn Money Online : How To Earn Money From Yutube

There are many advantage to select Youtube to earn money online. Its very easy & simple to start a Youtube channel to earn money. There no any investment like :- Hosting & Domain for Blog. Daily updating or Daily work. you can work when ever you want.

Some Advantages Of Using Youtube To Earn Money

1. No Domain Charges :- You know when we work on a startup or we start our own blog then most important thing is to purchase Domain name. The Domain name cost mostly Rs.699 or above. But with Youtube we do not have to purchase any kind of Domain name.

2. No Hosting Investment :- To start our own Blog we have to purchase a right hosting plan. It may be vary about price. Low cost Hosting plan start from Rs.4500 per year. But with Youtube there is no hosting plan is necessary.

3. Easy & Fast Adsense Approval For Youtube :- are you know we can earn money from Ad-sense adverting via show their Ads on our Youtube channel. Ad-sense account approval is very easy for your Youtube channel. Yes of-course google approve ad-sense fast for Youtube channel.

4. Possible To Earn From First Day On Youtube :- Yes you can start earn online from first day when every one watch your Video on Youtube. As lots of peoples see your video lots of will be your earning daily. Just upload interested videos on your Youtube channel and get lots off traffic. More traffic means more earning.

How To Earn Money From Youtube

There are many ways to earn money from Youtube. I hope you can understood that every one can earn from Youtube by just uploading interested videos on Youtube. Users can earn money using some advertise on start & end of their videos

1. Adsens Ads :- You can approve your Adsense account for your Youtube channel and can earn money every time when every one watch your video on Youtube.

2. Sponsor Videos :- You can add sponsors video on starting or ending of your Video. every time when peoples see their videos they will pay you.

3. Affiliated :- You can show affiliated products on your videos when some one purchase their products or services you will paid for it.

How To Earn Money From Youtube : How To Start A Youtube Channel

1. First Go to

2. Click On MENU option

3. Create account on Youtube

4. Verify your account using OTP (Mobile number & Email Id)

5. Create Youtube channel at your Youtube account

6. Upload videos on Youtube channel

7. Create account on Google Adsense 

8. Verify your Adsense account with your Youtube channel

9. Put Adsense ad code into your Youtube Videos

10. Every time when visitors watch your video, you will earn money online.

  Calculation How Much We Can Earn from Youtube 

In my general knowledge if 5k peoples watch your video then you can earn upto 7.5$, More visitors more earning. 10k views means 15$ earning.

Final Words :- So friends its our short description about How To Earn Money From Youtube. Using these simple way you can earn thousands of dollars per day. Every minute.

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