How To Transfer & Receive Freecharge Balance Using Whats App

Freecharge Whats App Money Transfer Trick – Now with Freecharge we can transfer Freecharge balance from one account to another using whats App. yes its 100% truth you can easily share your Freecharge credit cash with your whats app friends. it mean if you want to money from your friend. Then give his/her your whats app number and collect money in your Freecharge wallet.

Let me to say how it work you just have the Freecharge account with same number of your Whats App account. when your friends send you money on your Whats App number it will be added in your Freecharge wallet. How to use Freecharge Whats App money transfer trick ? just follow below steps :-

Freecharge whats app money transfer trick

How To Use Freecharge Whats App Money Transfer Trick Follow All Steps

1. First Download Freecharge Wallet App Download Link

2. Install & Open app

3. Create new account or login with old account

4. Now make click on “Menu” >>  “Freecharge On WhatsApp”

5. You will see an new screen in front of you

After Opening New Screen Follow These Below Given Steps

– Step 1 – Click on “Enable” to ON Freecharge On Whatsapp service

– Step 2 – Now on Whats App type an amount followed by FC.

Example – 100FC ( If you want to send Rs 200 then type 200FC on your friend’s whats app chat box)

– Steps 3 – Now make double click on (Freecharge Icon) in whats App.Tap recharge or send money from the Menu.

You can send or received money for any amount with whats app easily. And money will be deducted or credited from your Freecharge Wallet.


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So guys this is the Freecharge whats app money transfer trick. its very easy and used by us. so you can use this now to share freecharge balance. you may also like our some best posts related to Freecharge. we hope you will like to read them once.