Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers 20 November – Win ₹50 Gift Vouchers & Super Coins

Flipkart Fake Or Not 20 November Quiz Answers, Flipkart Fake Or Note Quiz  :- Hello friends I hope you are fine and enjoying our Free Recharge Tricks. Today I post Flipkart Fake or Not answers in this article.

Flipkart come back with Fake or Not quiz contest. It is video based poll. In which Flipkart asked 5 questions, based on video. You can win assured ₹1000 Gift card or ₹50 Gift Card or Super coins.

Flipkart fake or not

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers 20 November

Q.1 A mobile phone has more bacteria than a toilet seat
Ans. Not Fake

Q.2 Mahindra Scorpio was names after Anand Mahindra’s Zodiac sign
Ans. Fake

Q.3 A college in Indonesia accepts coconuts as tuition fees
Ans. Not Fake

Q.4 A pre – schooler made a guinness world record for identifying 50 cartoon characters in 1 minute
Ans. Not Fake

Q.5 Natural honey can never get spoilt
Ans. Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers 19 November

Q.1 19th November is celebrated as international Men’s Day
Ans. Not Fake

Q.2 A town in Kerala that has more than 400 pairs of twins
Ans. Not Fake

Q.3 Wearing face masks for a long time can cause bacterial Pneumonia
Ans. Fake

Q.4 The ‘Baby Shark’ song is the most viewed video on YouTube
Ans. Not Fake

Q.5 Titan watches was co-founded by the Tamil Nadu Government
Ans. Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers 18 November

Q.1 The fruit irange gets its name from the color
Ans. Fake

Q.2 Cricketer Irfan Pathan is set to debut in a movie
Ans. Not Fake

Q.3 Bletooth technology is named after a person
Ans. Not Fake

Q.4 The river Ganga originates in Kashmir
Ans. Fake

Q.5 The world’s largest oil reserves are in Saudi Arabia
Ans. Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Answers 17 November

Q.1 The international space station has been occupied by humans for 20 years
Ans. Not Fake

Q.2 Coco-Cola is selling a Helium-Carbonated version of Coke that will change your voice
Ans. Fake

Q.3 No party has won over 50% of the vote in the Indian General Election
Ans. Not Fake

Q.4 The first harry potter book is the most sold book in history
Ans. Fake

Q.5 Sachin Tendulkar was the first cricketer declared out by the Third Umpire
Ans. Not Fake

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Fake Or Not Rewards

  • 100 winners – ₹1000 Gift Cards
  • 3000 winners – ₹50 Gift vouchers
  • 25 Super coins
  • 20 Super coins
  • 10 Super coins

How To Play Fake Or Not Game?

1. First Download Flipkart App & create account.

2. Go To video section of Flipkart App.

3. You will see Fake Or Not banner in front of you.

4. Tap on “Start Video” and watch full video to give correct answers.

5. You will win assured prizes from Flipkart.

Contest Details

1. The contest will commence at 00:00hrs on 6th July, 2020 and end at 23:59 hrs on 19th September, 2020

2. To participate Age must be 18 years or above, provided, however, individuals below 18 years. But above 13 years may participate under parental/legal guardian supervision and consent.

3. Must have a valid account on the Platform and log into the same

4. ‘Fake or not’ is a fact based game show,. where the host would put a question to the viewers with 2 options to vote for. viewers can answer whether the question is ‘Fake’ or ‘Not Fake’

5. The result will be available to the users who have completed the quiz