Amlan Borgohain is India’s ____man. Amazon Quiz

Amlan Borgohain is India’s ____man. Amazon Quiz

Q.1 Amlan Borgohain is India’s ____man.

  • A. Heaviest
  • B. Shortest
  • C. Smartest
  • D. Fastest

Ans. (D) Fastest

Q.2 Anwar ul Haq Kakar is the current Caretaker Prime Minister of which country?

  • A. Iran
  • B. Malaysia
  • C. Pakistan
  • D. Bangladesh

Ans. (C) Pakistan 

Q.3 Urus is a high – performance SUV manufactured by which luxury carmaker?

  • A. Lamborghini
  • B. BMW
  • C. Aston Martin
  • D. Ferrari

Ans. (A) Lamborghini 

Q.4 Which famous fictional monster is named after this animal?

  • A. Mermaid
  • B. Jaws
  • C. Moby Dick
  • D. Kraken

Ans. (C) Moby Dick

Q.5 Which cartoon show does this character belong to?

  • A. Tintin
  • B. Shinchan
  • C. Scary Movie
  • D.Scooby doo

Ans. (D) Scooby Doo

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