Amazon Prime Monthly Subscription Plan Rs.129 Per Month

Amazon Prime Monthly Subscription Plan 

Amazon Prime Monthly Subscription Plan. Prime Subscribers can get Unlimited Fast Free Delivery, Video, Music & more. Prime Member Subscription service for Free & Fast delivery was launched in July 2016 in India. Many of Amazon users subscribe prime membership and enjoy fast and free delivery services. you can check Amazon Quiz Answers Today here.

Amazon Prime Monthly Subscription Plan

In starting this service cost was Rs.499 anual (Per year). after it i mean now today users can subscribe Amazon Prime Membership for Rs.999 / year.

Amazon is recently announced Amazon Prime Monthly subscription pack. This monthly prime membership subscription cost is just Rs.129 per month. Yes at just Rs.129 users may become prime member for 1 month and enjoy all prime services of Amazon.

We just want that our Amazon order delivered fast with free delivery (no delivery charge). So we subscribe Amazon Prime membership. in my own opinion I think a lot to subscribe Amazon prime membership at Rs.999 for 1 year. Because i am not purchase more thing from Amazon. but now they offer same facility at just Rs.129 i will subscribe prime membership and enjoy free & fast delivery.

Benefit Of Amazon Prime Monthly Subscription Plan / Membership

1. When we order any product we will get them within few days. while Amazon prime member will get product delivery fast in short time.

2. Non-prime members have to pay delivery charges on under Rs.499 order. while Prime members will get free delivery of any product

3. Prime members enjoy Amazon Prime Videos, Music and more other services while non-prime member can’t do that.

4. Prime members can access in online shopping sale before 30 minutes of sale start time. while non-prime members have not any special benefit.