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Amazon Funzone Quiz 1. How many Lord of the Rings films are there?

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Funzone Quiz Details

Hosted ByAmazon
Today’s Quiz NameFunzone
Quiz TimeAny Time
Quiz Date11th – 24th June
Winners Announced5th July

Amazon Funzone Quiz Answers

Q.1 How many Lord of the Rings films are there?

  • A. 2
  • B. 3

Ans. (B) 3

Q.2 Which gas makes up the majority of Earth’s atmosphere?

  • A. Sulphur
  • B. Nitrogen
  • C. Oxygen
  • D. Carbon Monoxide

Ans. (B) Nitrogen

Q.3 What’s the most consumed beverage in the world that is not water?

  • A. Tea
  • B. Iced Coffee

Ans. (A) Tea

Q.4 Which is the only metal to be in liquid form at room temperature?

  • A. Copper
  • B. Brass
  • C. Mercury
  • D. Gold

Ans. (C) Mercury

Q.5 Richter scale is used to measure earthquakes. True or False

  • A. TRUE
  • B. FALSE

Ans. (A) TRUE

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