5G Technology Coming Soon With 20Gbps Download Speed

5G  Wireless Technology  Coming Soon With 20Gbps Download Speed :- Hello friends on this month February 2017 it was confirmed that 5G technology will be the official successor to 4G wireless communications as the fifth generation mobile wireless communications technology. The name and logo of 5G wireless technology were announced by 3GPP cellular standards group. Some specifications of 5G technology have been provided by (ITU) International Telecommunication Union.

The most advantage thing on this upcoming 5G technology is that its 20Gbps download speed is much batter than current available download speed of 4G LTE Cat. Before some time we were just satisfy with 100KB – 200KB 2G network speed, and within few months we grow and reach at 3G speed then 4G speed (Current Available) and now finally we will get 20Gbps download speed with 5G wireless technology..

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Features Of Wireless 5G Technology
  • – Download Speed is 20Gbps
  • – Uplink peak spectral efficiency is 15 bits per second per Hz
  • – Downlink User experienced data rate is 100Mbps
  • – Uplink peak data rate is 10Gbps (50% Of Download speed)
  • – Uplink user experienced data rate is 50Mbps
5G Wireless Technology Details

In current we use 4G LTE technology to get a best downloading speed. But the 20Gbps download speed is a miracle in front of us. Its much batter than current 4G technology. 5G technology download speed is batter than current 4G speed 5G will give 20Gbps download speed and 10Gbps upload speed which is 505 of download speed.

5G technology must support atleast 1 million connected devices per square kilometer it is very high rage to support devices. 5G will require to work at-least 100MHz of free spectrum and upto 1GHz availability.

Now lets talk about latency of 4G & 5G technology :- in current period available technology 4G LTE network gives 20 Milliseconds latency but 5G will give 1 Millisecond latency it means 

Important :- Reduction of Latency time be a mostly reason to increase data transfer speed. and increaset in latency work as resistance in data transfer speed. In simple words. If latancy time will increase than data transfer rate will be decrease. If latency time reduce than data transfer speed automatically increase.

Final Words :- This 5G technology research report is still in its initial stage. it may take more time to update more info about 5G. Just not 3GPP working on 5G but also some other companies like :- Verizon, AT&T, Intel & Qualcomm also testing this 5g technology. the next announcement about 5G may be done in next MWC 2017 events