How To Upgrade Idea 4G Sim To Get 2GB Free 4G Data For 28 Days

How To Upgrade Idea 4G Sim to get 2GB Free 4G data for 28 days. I know previously i shared a post in which i telling about every Idea user can get 1GB free 4G data on Upgrading into 4G sim. And now today i am sharing all simple steps that How to upgrade Idea Sim into 4G and get 2GB 4G data free for 28 days.How to upgrade idea 4G sim

Yes its 100% truth every user of Idea who use Idea 3G sim till now. Who can upgrade their sim card into Idea 4G and he/she will get 4G 2GB free data for 28 days. If Idea give us free 4G data for 28 days then why we don’t get it. hurry  just upgrade your Idea 3G sim into 4G and enjoy free 4G speed data by Idea. Follow below steps to know how to upgrade Idea 4G sim.

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Note Idea 4G Sim Upgrade plan may be vary for different users some user can get 1GB – 2GB data with validity 15 Days, 21 Days or 28 Days. Yesterday i upgrade my Idea sim and i got 2GB data for 28 days. and My sim card is activated in 4G within 11 hours.

Requirement For Upgrade Idea Sim Card
  • First you all have any 4G supported device (Mobile)
  • 4G network supported area
  • Active 3G sim card

How To Upgrade Idea 4G  Sim And Get 2GB 4G Data For Free

1. First go to your nearest Idea digital store or retailers shop

2. Get a 4G Idea sim card (It will be 100% free of cost)

3. See back side of new Idea 4G sim card you will see 16 – 20 digits no.

4. Now pick up your phone and create a SMS using your old Idea no. (which idea no. you want to convert in 4G)

5. Type “SIM” “New Sim card 16 or 20 digits no.” and send it to 12345

Ex. SIM 2369854789653201 send it to 12345

6. That’t is your old Idea 3G sim card will be upgrade in Idea 4G within 11 hours.

You will get Idea 4G 2GB free internet data within few minutes after upgrading your sim card. You don’t need to insert any new sim card into your mobile. this activation process is totally free of cost.

Warning In upgrading process of Idea 3G sim into Idea 4G sim card your SIM card contact details will lapse. keep backup of your sim contacts in you phone  before try Idea up-gradation process.

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13 thoughts on “How To Upgrade Idea 4G Sim To Get 2GB Free 4G Data For 28 Days

  1. Sree says:

    Yeah!! it works
    but its not free of charge
    i did have to pay 10rs for the sevice charge
    who cares ryt.. 10rs for 2gb!! Worth it!

    anyway thx

  2. Ammu says:

    My idea number 9747953228 upgraded to 4G in 1/10/2016.but i didn!t get 2GB offer still.I requsted to 12345 to GO4G. They said it was a duplicate request. What will I do? Will I get the offer after the upgrading of 5 days ? Pls help me.

    • Admin says:

      to upgrade your idea sim into 4G please go to idea retailer shop they give you new idea 4g sim, insert sim into 4G mobile then send sms. retailer new sim charge will be Rs.10

  3. Amal says:

    Yes. I did the same, but not working… Please help me. They replied:
    “Dear Idea Partner, you are not authorized to raise the SIM Exchange/upgrade request on this Number, Kindly contact Helpdesk for more details. Thank you ”
    I tried about 6 times and i got the same reply. Even checked it by inserting the sim on another phone. Still not working.

  4. Lakhani Nurali says:

    None of the Idea digital offices help in converting my 3g card to 4g no 9657012590 and gives half 4g while recharging thus making me lose 4g part for which I have paid I don’t want their free 2GB only I want that for which I have piad Indeed poor service don’t know why Co maintain these digital stores Will JIO provide better service?

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