Amazon Quiz Answers Today 8-12 Correct Quiz Time Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers Today

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Amazon Quiz Answers Today 2018

Amazon Quiz 15 December 2018 Answers Today – Sony Portable Party System

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Q.1 What is a fathomete used to measure?

Ans. Ocean depth

Q.2 Where in the human body is the stapedius muscle situated?

Ans. Ears

Q.3 Which of these Raj Kapoor starrers was also released overseas as ‘The Vagabond’?

Ans. Awara

Q.4 If you were a cartographer, what would you be studying?

Ans. Maps

Q.5 In which city can you find the mausoleum of Mughal Empress Arjumand Banu Begum?

Ans. Agra

Amazon Quiz 14 December 2018 Answers Today – Echo Sub Quiz

Q.1 M.K. Gandhi lived in a farm in South Africa named after a famous Russian novelist. Name the author.

Ans. Leo Tolstoy

Q.2 Which of these elements is NOT named after a scientist?

Ans. Ruthenium

Q.3 The archeological remains of which institution is found in the vicinity of a town called ‘Bihar Sharif’ in the eastern part of India?

Ans. Nalanda University

Q.4 One of the oldest sanctuaries in India is the Garapani Sanctuary. Which state is it located in?

Ans. Assam

Q.5 ____is a philosophical perspective that views the universe and everything in it as a kind of machine made up of connected but distinct parts?

Ans. Mechanism

Q.1 Castella, Tres Leches, Brigaderio, and Oliebollen are all names of __?

Ans. Desserts

Q.2 ___is the fear of going to bed. Fill in the blanks?

Ans. Clinophobia

Q.3 What is the currency of Sweden?

Ans. Krona

Q.4 Cyril Ramaphosa, who is expected to be the chife guest at the 2019 Republic Day of India is President of which African country?

Ans. South Africa

Q.5 Which country recently announced plans to become the world’s first country to make its public transportation free for everyone by 2019?

Ans. Luxembourg

Amazon Quiz 10 December 2018 Answers Today 

Q.1 In the 2019 ‘live action’ remake of the famous 1994 animated movie ‘Lion King’, which actor will be reprising his original role as Mufasa?

Ans. James Earl Jones

Q.2 What was the term used to refer to British women who fought for women’s right to vote in the early 20th century?

Ans. Suffragettes

Q.3 Which is the only bird that is able to fly backwards?

Ans. Hummingbird

Q.4 India’s longest rail-road bridge ‘Bogibeel Bridge’ is built over which of the following rivers?

Ans. Brahmaputra

Q.5 In which European city would you find the famous Blue Domed Church?

Ans. Santorini, Greece

Amazon Quiz 9 December 2018 Answers Today 

Q.1 What is the name of the first historically confirmed female pharaoh of ancient Egypt?

Ans. Sobekneferu

Q.2 Which of these species is the world’s largest living primate?

Ans. Gorilla

Q.3 What is the hard white material that makes up an elephant’s tusk called?

Ans. Ivory

Q.4 What is the world’s largest venomous snake?

Ans. King Cobra

Q.5 The point on earth farthest from the earth’s center, or closest to the moon falls in which country?

Ans. Ecuador

Amazon Quiz 7 December 2018 Answers Today – 

Q.1 Which nation was the first to give women the right to vote?

Ans. New Zealand

Q.2 Paul Michael Levensque is the real name of which famous pro-wrestler?

Ans. Triple H

Q.3 Which ancient empire was ruled by Xerxes the Great in the fifth century BC?

Ans. The Persian Empire

Q.4 Which nortern animal is known as the Gulo Gulo in Latin?

Ans. Wolverine

Q.5 Which continent has the fewest flowering plants?

Ans. Antarctica

Amazon Quiz 6 December 2018 Answers Today –  OnePlus 6T Quiz

Q.1 Which of these birds is known for laying its eggs in the nests of the other birds?

Ans. Cuckoo

Q.2 Which is the world’s largest living fish

Ans. Whale Shark

Q.3 ‘Anura’ is the scientific name for which animal?

Ans. Frog

Q.4 Which animal has the highest blood pressure in the world?

Ans. Giraffe

Q.5 Which mountain peak is farthest from the center of Earth?

Ans. Mount Chimborazo

Amazon Quiz 5 December 2018 Answers Today –  Rs.5000 Quiz

Q.1 Historically, did a Grand Slam event ever have to stop play due to extreme heat?

Ans. Yes

Q.2 Which member of the cat family is the only one that cannot retract its claws?

Ans. Cheetah

Q.3 Which country is home to the world’s largest number of wild tigers?

Ans. India

Q.4 Which famous comic book character shares his name with a city in Turkey?

Ans. Batman

Q.5 Which animal features in the official logo of the World Wildlife Fund?

Ans. The Giant Panda

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